Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What comes next?

Here is a reader in New Mexico who just finished SILENT SKY. He, like many readers, is asking when they can expect the sequel. In this picture, we see Dane politely asking for more, please.

Another friend, Daniel, devours mystery books and told me, "I loved the book and am completely blown away that it was your first published book." He asked me if it would take as long to write the second book as the first and, although the devil is in the details, the truth is that the individual characters are pretty well mapped out. I explained to him that I have detail sheets developed for each main character in my book - where they live, the names of their parents, their favorite colors, their birthdates. Hell, I could probably tell their horoscopes and predict what they'll order for dinner (Haha, I can actually CONTROL what they order for dinner . . .  fade to diabolical laughter) Anyway, the point is that creating the individual characters took a lot of time - time that I won't need to spend on the second installment.

Another friend, Ted,  writes, "I don't read many of these kinds of books, but I couldn't put it down! I loved the book . . . totally threw me off." And he wants to know if he can meet Reina. Ha! Let me remind you all that every character is an entirely fictitious conglomerate of many people I've known. Although, keep looking Ted, that Uber-Woman is out there somewhere . . . .

Have you ordered your book yet? How about gifts for friends? Have you posted your review to I SO appreciate every one of you! It is a big job to grass-roots market a book without the leverage of a big publishing house behind me. So keep sending the pictures and reviews. And do a friend a favor by giving him/her a copy of SILENT SKY.



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