Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few Dedicated Readers

I am impressed with the dedication of some of my readers.

Out in Sequim Bay, Susan just couldn't put SILENT SKY down, even on her weekly kayak trip. She assures me she even kept the book dry. Truly an amazing feat by this talented woman and her mystery photographer.

I finally got a copy of SILENT SKY into the hands of my son, John, who just graduated this weekend with a degree in psychology. He assures me he will be psycho-analysing me as he reads it. How comforting.

My banker, a mystery fan, also bought a book. His comment: "I loved it! And I learned a lot about you, too."  Hmmmmm . . . .

I suppose it is true that what I write reveals stuff about me. Just as what each of us says or does, reveals pieces of ourselves. The letters on our pages, the words out of our mouths, the actions of our days speak to who we are.

May your thoughts and words and actions be filled with kindness and compassion and generosity today!

xo, Cate

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