Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Adventures

Christmas morning chaos
Some people seem to have a pretty straight course through life. That is apparently not my destiny. Perhaps it is because I was raised in a normal-sized house with 11 siblings. The home environment was like that of a Mexican Jumping Bean (remember those?) - there was always something popping or rolling or moving. One never knew how many would be at the dinner table or who would be found kissing their boyfriend behind the hall door. One had to move quickly to get a turn at the bathroom, a hope for another scoop of spaghetti, a chance for a sofa seat instead of the floor. It was busy and chaotic and ever-changing. And that seems to be the pace at which my life still runs.

I've always sought out new adventures
The latest change in my life was completely unanticipated. After careers in teaching all ages, running million dollar companies, aviation instruction and travel, and book writing, I was offered a chance to be an "Adventure Consultant" (who could turn that down?) The job entails custom-designing offsite wilderness adventures for companies. One person I spoke with said, "That has got to be the best sounding job title I've ever heard." Of course, his title was "Perks Director" so I felt the same way toward him.

Flying fun!
So far, the best part has been visiting the properties (had to fly there in a de Havilland Beaver on floats - darn!) We did lots of fishing and brought home loads of salmon. I can't complain. If any of you know of companies that do trips like this, get them up here! I promise they'll come back with big grins!

In the meantime, I'm still writing, still dancing, still flying, and I just started piano and voice lessons. It's that Mexican jumping bean thing. Gotta keep rockin' and rollin'!

Hope your life is rockin' too! Drop me a line....cjmighell@gmail.com

xo, Cate