Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Call-Out for Pictures!!

I sent out a call on the One Sky Publishing page on Facebook for people to send in pictures of readers of SILENT SKY. A few pictures are starting to come in. I thought you might enjoy these. AND I am asking you to send me your pictures! I will publish them here with only your first name. It is a small gesture of community connectedness with your fellow readers around the globe (yep, sold some copies to France and Australia).

I named my publishing company One Sky because I strongly believe in our interconnectedness on this spinning globe we call earth. I believe we all must learn to live together in peace under that One Sky that provides us a protective blanket in space. And that starts by connecting with each other.

I have always tried to build community. It is one of the reasons Out of the Blue Aviation was so successful. It was a special place where people felt a sense of belonging. Like the old show, Cheers, it was a place "where everyone knew your name." In this day and age of big box stores, that human connection is to be treasured and sought out.

Send me your pictures at cjmighell@gmail.com and send me your feedback as well (or post here on the blog). By the way, I've received lots of great comments so far:
"I couldn't put it down"
"What a great read"
"I Loved it"

 Fondly as always, Cate

Thursday, April 18, 2013

FREE books!

I recently "met" a fellow author who has written an interesting book about traveling around the world for a year, living life as it came. As he tells it, "I mustered cattle. I volunteered with children. I went scuba diving. I grew a mullet. I fought bulls. I made love on a beach." And more.

Adam has a good sense of humor and an easy flowing pen. His first book, Scratch Beginnings, received a lot of positive press. He and I share the belief that you can go anywhere, regardless of how humble your beginnings and also the certainty that, in our increasingly global world, it is critical that we leave the comfort of our own country on occasion to see how the rest of the world lives. Travel opens our eyes to the human condition, in all of its shades. Travel sparks creativity, strengthens compassion, and interconnects us as one human race under one sky (hence the name of my publishing company "One Sky Publishing").

If you would like to check out Adam's book, all I ask is that you comment on this post. Start a dialogue. Have you traveled? Where? Why? How did it affect you? I'll send you a link to download his book for free. But his FREE offer is only good until next Wednesday, so act now.

Plus, I'll send you a link to download my book, SILENT SKY. The digital format will be free for a few days and I'll tell you how to get it.

Talk to you soon.

xo, Cate

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Books are on their way!

The good news is all books have been signed and shipped! That was a bigger job than I anticipated. And yes, my wings are tired!

Your personal copy of SILENT SKY should be arriving on your doorstop soon, if not already. For my international friends, it may still be a week or two, but rest assured they are winging their way toward you. Again, thank you all for the pre-orders. If you have not yet ordered, I am happy to send a copy of SILENT SKY out to you now. Just contact me via email to order: cjmighell@gmail.com

Also, be sure to watch for a special offer on digital books. It's coming up soon, so stay posted.

xox, Cate