Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back in the Saddle

The weather has turned on us already, here in the Northwest, and it seems as if summer has gone. As I look over my shoulder, I wonder, where did August go?

With my son, John
It feels as if I frittered it away - a spontaneous week-long trip to Canada, lazy afternoons by the lake, evenings of music and margaritas, maybe a few too many episodes of the inane-but-hilarious "Arrested Development."

But isn't that what August is for? Remember those childhood summers where the only thing you rushed to was the sound of the ice cream van before it faded into the distance? Remember charging the end of the dock and cannonballing into the lake? Remember lying
on your back at night looking for shooting stars? It is worth trying to recreate that carefree mentality for the sheer happiness it brings.

The well-laid table
Although I have a lot of stuff I didn't get done in August, I am easy on my failure to achieve. No guilt here. I know that a break from stress leads to greater productivity and creativity and produces a heightened sense of well-being. And what the hell, it's a lot of fun too!

So, if you haven't had enough relaxation this summer, get out there and enjoy the last holiday weekend. Work can wait a few days. And come September, we can all get back in our respective saddles. I'll be on track again, promoting book number one, writing book number two, and developing my new publishing company. See you then.

Be safe and be chill!

xo, Cate