Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What comes next?

Here is a reader in New Mexico who just finished SILENT SKY. He, like many readers, is asking when they can expect the sequel. In this picture, we see Dane politely asking for more, please.

Another friend, Daniel, devours mystery books and told me, "I loved the book and am completely blown away that it was your first published book." He asked me if it would take as long to write the second book as the first and, although the devil is in the details, the truth is that the individual characters are pretty well mapped out. I explained to him that I have detail sheets developed for each main character in my book - where they live, the names of their parents, their favorite colors, their birthdates. Hell, I could probably tell their horoscopes and predict what they'll order for dinner (Haha, I can actually CONTROL what they order for dinner . . .  fade to diabolical laughter) Anyway, the point is that creating the individual characters took a lot of time - time that I won't need to spend on the second installment.

Another friend, Ted,  writes, "I don't read many of these kinds of books, but I couldn't put it down! I loved the book . . . totally threw me off." And he wants to know if he can meet Reina. Ha! Let me remind you all that every character is an entirely fictitious conglomerate of many people I've known. Although, keep looking Ted, that Uber-Woman is out there somewhere . . . .

Have you ordered your book yet? How about gifts for friends? Have you posted your review to I SO appreciate every one of you! It is a big job to grass-roots market a book without the leverage of a big publishing house behind me. So keep sending the pictures and reviews. And do a friend a favor by giving him/her a copy of SILENT SKY.



Thursday, May 23, 2013


Here are a few more pictures of people reading SILENT SKY.  It looks like Andy was reading it "on the fly" so to speak, and Jane must have thought a little airport ambience would add to the experience. It is true that there are some aviation scenes in the book, but not enough to put any non-pilots off, any more than a legal scene would put off a non-attorney or a car-racing scene would put
off a non-racer. 

I have been hanging out this week with an out-of-town friend who races dragsters and is in town to
meet with some big names who live in my town, might even be my neighbors.  When I listen to his stories, it reminds me of how many different worlds there are that co-exist right next to mine. People who win prestigious world drag races, people who are world-class waterskiers, people who own national companies, people who travel the world doing drum circles. These are the people I pass on the road (well the drag racer probably passes me . . . ) and stand behind in the grocery line. Incognito. Stealth. Secret treasure troves. We each have our story, big or small, and they all fascinate me. I am an incurable chit-chatter with total strangers I meet. Last week in the coffee shop line, I struck up a conversation with the fellow behind me. We were laughing and talking so much that the barista assumed we were together. When I said, "no, we just met," she refused to believe me. But the reality is that, whether just-met or old friends, we are all connected by our humanness. And every time I interact with someone new I am blessed with something - a bit of humor, an amusing tale, a piece of unexpected wisdom.

So get out there. Connect. You never know where it might lead.
Stealth fighter goes to the boneyard
And one more picture, courtesy of my friend Dane. It made me laugh. Happy day to you all!
xo, Cate

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few Dedicated Readers

I am impressed with the dedication of some of my readers.

Out in Sequim Bay, Susan just couldn't put SILENT SKY down, even on her weekly kayak trip. She assures me she even kept the book dry. Truly an amazing feat by this talented woman and her mystery photographer.

I finally got a copy of SILENT SKY into the hands of my son, John, who just graduated this weekend with a degree in psychology. He assures me he will be psycho-analysing me as he reads it. How comforting.

My banker, a mystery fan, also bought a book. His comment: "I loved it! And I learned a lot about you, too."  Hmmmmm . . . .

I suppose it is true that what I write reveals stuff about me. Just as what each of us says or does, reveals pieces of ourselves. The letters on our pages, the words out of our mouths, the actions of our days speak to who we are.

May your thoughts and words and actions be filled with kindness and compassion and generosity today!

xo, Cate

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sky Reading

SILENT SKY flies to Chicago, this time on kindle with David. Safe Travels!

I am gathering a storm of ideas for the sequel, including a BA opponent for Reina. This girl is just getting started!

I have also been offered individualized firearm instruction from a couple of guys who perhaps felt the weaponry department was a little weak. It has been many years since I've target shot or hunted, so I appreciate the tutoring.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting SILENT SKY into more bookstores and pilot shops as well as working on questions to be used for book clubs. If you have any suggestions/connections in those areas, please let me know!

Anyone want to buy a medical company so I can work on this full time?

xo, Cate

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't try this in a crowded mall

Here is another picture of a reader enjoying SILENT SKY. Ron is so talented he can read and walk at the same time! This is a man with acute situational awareness!

I am not surprised to learn of Ron's multitasking abilities as he was one of my amazing instructors at Out of the Blue Aviation. For years, Ron has impressed me with his skills, both on a technical and interpersonal level. In his decades as a power and glider instructor, Ron has taught many, many people to fly.

What a beautiful legacy - going through life empowering people to reach for the sky, to follow their dreams, to achieve the impossible.

xo, Cate

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More pictures and an update

Here is a picture of Captain Todd enjoying Silent Sky - while his first officer flies a leg, of course. There are a few new ones on FB too.

By the way, apparently there was a day lag in the FREE kindle book program. It will be offered free from May 9th through May 13th. Encourage everyone you know to get a copy!

 xo, Cate

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Book for 5 Days!

In celebration of Mother's Day, I have made SILENT SKY for kindle FREE for the next five days. From May 8-12 you can get the digital version from completely free! I know many of you ordered hard copies (signed first edition keepsakes!) but may want the book for your kindle as well. If you download it, you can "share" it with a friend or, better still, have your family and friends go dowload it themselves. Just search Amazon for Silent Sky and Cate Mighell and it will come up.

There is one review on Amazon of SILENT SKY. Please add in your reviews while you are there. The more the better, dear readers! I am trying to figure out how to get it on Amazon hard copy . . .  coming soon.

In the meantime, is officially launched, so check it out. Also, keep sending those pictures of you enjoying your very own copy of SILENT SKY.

xo, Cate

P.S. I know Amelia was not a mother, but I am sure she is happy about this great Mother's Day offer - just look at her smiling! :-)