Monday, May 14, 2012

Landing in the Jungle

Been traveling the world for the last month. This picture is of our fully-loaded caravan landing at a tiny unmarked strip at Belmopan in the Maya Mountains of Belize. Although flying is strictly VFR there, we were in and out of clouds traversing miles and miles of trees - not too many emergency landing places!

The only controlled airspace in Belize is at Belize city, where the 737s land and back-taxi to the terminal. Although it may seem rustic they still enforce protocal - We rolled our own bags across the tarmac, then had to yeild them to the "baggage handler" who placed them on the conveyer belt which carried them four feet into the building. We then walked a couple steps through the door and picked them up (the only two bags) off the conveyer belt. Very officious!


  1. Sure am glad they got your bags onto the conveyor....cuz, gee, they gotta use it for something! LOL! Sounds like you had an awesome trip..... I am envious!!!

  2. Yeah, glad to help them justify their conveyer belt. The people there were very nice, just doing their job! I'd go back in a heartbeat!


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