Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I loved Belize! I awoke at 4 the first morning to a continuous loud growl/howl noise that sounded like it was right outside my cabana door. Either there was a jaguar on my veranda or Darth Vader was breathing in my ear (it happens). Behind the noise, a chorus of screams, yelps, whistles, groans, squeaks, moans made me feel like one of those 19th century visitors to the Amazon - something they might have described as hell broken loose and the demons escaped.

Gradually the ominous howl seemed to move further down the river. So what did I do? Get up to investigate of course! Braving the possible tarantulas and scorpions on the dimly lit floor, I threw on some flip flops and snuck out the door, careful not to awaken my cousin. Making my way cautiously along the raised boardwalk in the early morning light, I came across a short Mayan man. He was the only other person awake (security guard) and, when I asked him about the noise, he offered to take me to see them - Howler Monkeys! Of course, I accepted. So, in tank top and shorts I followed him further and further away from the compound, to the edge of the dense jungle. Still he pressed on. Not one to quit (those of you who know me are laughing about now), I rushed to keep up - not so easy (or smart) wearing flip flops and shorts in the jungle! I  kept thinking about the 15 species of poisonous snakes in Belize and began to envision my own personal entry in the Darwin awards  . . . .
But eventually we found them. In fact we got so close they got angry. They apparently defecate into their hands and throw it at intruders. Fortunately none of it hit their target (me!), just plunked nearby.
These are not cute little monkeys. They are big, black ape-looking creatures that spend their days swinging on their arms. I'm just glad all they did was throw stuff at me!


  1. Now, THAT'S an memory worth remembering. How cool is that??!! Glad their aim was off!! Again, sounds like a trip anyone would be happy to take... I am thinking NZ for my next long trip... did AU and Tasmania... it's NZ's turn and then maybe Ireland after that. Of course, Belize is sounding pretty spectacular as well, especially the way you were able to see it! Did ya go diving?

  2. My son is in NZ now for 6 months - it sounds like an incredibly beautiful place. I'm planning to go there this fall. Month of Sept in Australia (housesitting!), then month of Oct in NZ. I'll be working on my 2nd novel, but hope to do some flying as well. Did you fly in AU?

    I went to Belize several years ago and went snorkeling. Haven't conquered the diving thing yet. Both the beaches and the jungle are pretty extraordinary there.

  3. OMG!! House sitting, you brat!! ;o) What a treat, love AU!! I have friends in Melbourne and Ulladulla.... as well as Tas... near Burnie. You should go across the straight and check out Tas.... a totally different "mode" there than on the mainland.... much more laid back, more relaxing... and a very cool place to check out.
    I did fly down in Tas with a friend in his Cherokee out of Launceston... flew over lots of very cool places then went and hikes those places like Cradle Mountain and their sanctuaries are awesome! Also took a cruise tour on the Huon River... I think that is what it was. Would love to fly out of Ulladulla or someplace like that and go explore the western coast... you gotta drive the Great Ocean Highway as well!
    Snorkeling is much more fun to me .... less work and more play! ;o)
    Yep... NZ is awesome, have friends on the north Island, plan visiting and getting some of those great Lakers they have!

    1. So, if I go to Tasmania, would your friend fly me around in his Cherokee? That would be cool!
      I'll be staying in Sydney and will have access to a car, so I'm hoping to be able to get out and see some sights.
      Are you thinking a trip to NZ this fall, or some other time?

  4. Cathy, I can relate. We had cousins of your tormentors awaken us, right over our cabina's thatched root, in Costa Rica this Feb. Later we were schooled by a native guide to "talk" to these buggers. (It's all about the inhale.)

    Well written, well laughed. Thanks.

    1. Hey I never got any schooling on talking to them. Did it work?


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