Saturday, March 8, 2014

Imposters and Moons

Today, a woman came up to me at the author's table at the WAI conference in Orlando and thanked me for my talk yesterday.

She said, "It was during your presentation that I had an epiphany, I realized 'I am an imposter.'" She went on to explain how she had held a whole string of illustrious jobs in the aviation world and she hated every one of them. She had only followed that path because of her father's nudging. What she really wanted to do was write. She said, "Thank you. You have given me the inspiration to pursue my own dream instead of following someone else's dream." 

That is pretty powerful stuff.

Whether talking to grade schools, high schools (the toughest audience!) or adults, the commonality is that we all have dreams, some of which have been unrealized because of fears, or external pressures, or uncertainties about how to proceed. I don't pretend to be the queen of dream-makers. There are amazing women and men out there who have conquered the world in truly extraordinary ways. But it's not about conquering the world or making lots of money; It's about doing what you love and find rewarding, whether it be running a Fortune 500 company or quilting for homeless people. Despite what the world may try to convince us about success, the only true definer of your success is your own heart.

Whatever it is a person wants to do, I tell them "Shoot for the moon." I say, "Even if you miss, you'll land on a star."

Last week, I saw a card with that exact saying in a bookstore. Darn! I thought I had made that one up!

Happy dreams to you all!

xo, Cate


  1. And very happy, sweet, warm and SUCCESSFUL dreams to you!
    As for the phrase, I don't care, I will always attribute it to you!

    1. My son once told me that all art is simply creative plagiarism, and it is true. I am not sure that anything we say or think or create is solely ours. Really, we're just constantly reorganising, and adding to, the works and ideas of others. Sort of a body-of work-web that connects us all. :-)

  2. AND the reason it shall be attributed to you is because when you say, you mean it!
    Have an awesome day Cate! Enjoy, smile.. you'll make others do the same!


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