Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dog Days of Spring

This dog, Britt, may look easy-going, but don't be deceived. I am watching her for a friend today and she is keeping me company as I pack up my stuff to move again. (ugh!) After moping around the box piles for a while, we decided to take a walk. Or rather, I decided it would be good for us to walk. She decided otherwise. She fought me every ten feet, digging her heels in, as if to say, "Nope, no thanks, don't wanna leave the last place I saw my owner." We finally turned around, but it is a shame because today is warm and sunny and I know she would have enjoyed the walk. . . .

They say that animals teach us lots of lessons, if we are willing to listen. Native Americans believe that animals are our link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Perhaps this is so.

It occurred to me, as Britt dragged her haunches behind the leash, that I am kinda doing the same thing to the Universe. The Universe is pulling me along, away from what I have known and am comfortable with, and I am feeling very resistant to that pull. I want to dig my heels in and say, "Nope, no thanks, don't wanna go into the unknown." And yet, historically, every time I've released the heel breaks of my life, I've been catapulted forward into an unanticipatedly wonderful new life adventure. You'd think I'd learn.

Well, maybe it was the fresh air or maybe it was the doggie lesson that brought me back to the house with a renewed energy for packing up and moving on. Change is hard and packing is a drag, yet the new horizons that await me, just around the corner, beckon like a park full of fire hydrants (in dog-speak).

Now, if I could just sell this dining room table set so I don't have to pay to move it again....

Happy dog dreams to you all!

xo, Cate

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