Friday, March 29, 2013


Happy Good Friday to you all!
I want to give you one last update about my new book, SILENT SKY. I had expected to be mailing them out this weekend but just got a message from my printer that they have been delayed - again! Not for snow this time, although they've had plenty of that. Apparently, they had to re-order paper. Hmmm, something a printer might think through ahead of time. . . .
Well, I could pull out my hair in despair, but heck, that would hurt!
So, instead, I ask myself, "What have I learned from this?"
  • Everything takes longer than you think
  • Be careful what you promise
  • Give yourself time to learn a new industry
  • Expect the unexpected
  • As in all of life, don't forget your sense of humor
My current expectation is that I should have the books in hand at the end of next week and will mail them out to all of you who pre-ordered shortly afterward. Again, I do apologize for the delay and I do appreciate your patience. I am confident that you will enjoy reading SILENT SKY when it finally arrives on your doorstep.
In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter weekend. May it be full of laughter and love with maybe a little adventure thrown in for good measure.
Fondly, Cate

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