Monday, March 11, 2013


Well, I finally got back up in the air again last weekend with new friend, John Garrett. I met John, at Skagit Regional Airport, a few years ago when I was doing the nearly-famous Out of the Blue Aviation Poker Run with friend and instructor, John Pierson. John G. came over to see who was driving the little Navy Champ and we chatted for a few minutes. That was our only chance meeting.

So, after nearly three years, I was pleasantly surprised to get an invite to go flying in his beautiful Citabria. After taking off from Skagit, we toured the wetlands and estuaries along the coast that he managed for Fish and Wildlife. I learned about issues with the dikes along the Camano bridge, how to identify a marsh hawk, and the difference between little white specks on the ground and other little white specks on the ground (if they are grouped tightly, they're snow geese, if grouped loosely they're swans).

Aside from the pleasure of flying with someone who can grease a landing, I thoroughly enjoyed John's approach to life - be happy, be open, be affectionate, be adventurous, be generous, be kind. He and I share a common philosophy: expect good wherever you go and that is exactly what you will find. That's the way we roll, and that's the way we fly.

Be well!

xo, Cate

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  1. WooHoo!! Finally back in the air, good for you!


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