Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Books are on their way!

The good news is all books have been signed and shipped! That was a bigger job than I anticipated. And yes, my wings are tired!

Your personal copy of SILENT SKY should be arriving on your doorstop soon, if not already. For my international friends, it may still be a week or two, but rest assured they are winging their way toward you. Again, thank you all for the pre-orders. If you have not yet ordered, I am happy to send a copy of SILENT SKY out to you now. Just contact me via email to order:

Also, be sure to watch for a special offer on digital books. It's coming up soon, so stay posted.

xox, Cate


  1. Oh my, I sat down to read your book when it arrived yesterday and literally could not put it down, but I had to when a friend came to visit. And I finished it about 11:30, past my usual bedtime! Yep, it was fun, light and not so light; I got to "hear" some of your views, some of which I knew, some not. Did you remember you put in there what you said to me yesterday, "when your time in the body is up, it is up"? I don't think I knew your favorite drink; the photo of you is fabulous. Stone/ must have done a lot of chuckling or sipping a favorite wine with some of your word games that related to drawing/designing a picture, so to speak, of life solutions?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Have had quite a few people tell me they had a hard time putting it down. That super glue on the cover seems to be working . . . :-)

    Dessiner does mean draw/drew in French, so "draw" what conclusions you want from that . . .

    xo, Cate


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