Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Secret

I received a surprise text from an acquaintance last night, a woman I don't know well, who read my book recently. She had asked me, a month or so ago, how the book was doing, and I lamented that I've done virtually nothing to market it. Her reply, "Badass doesn't expire!" made me laugh and encouraged me to keep taking those baby steps forward toward my goals.

Her text, last night, indicated that she is going through a surprise divorce and she added, "I keep telling myself that Badass doesn't expire!" And that's the truth, whether you're 15, 51 or 115

Badass (which is the now-ubiquitous term for anything that is cool, awesome, amazing, powerful) doesn't expire. It doesn't fade. It is not only given to certain people and it can't be stolen. We each have an inexhaustible supply of badass, but some of us choose to deny it. We convince ourselves we can't do something because we are too young, old, fat, ugly, poor, unskilled, etc. Countless people have told me they wish they could write a book, wish they could fly an airplane, wish they could afford to go to college, wish they could own their own business, wish they could find someone to love. The list goes on and on. I believe we can do anything that we believe we can do. That is the message from the popular book/movie "The Secret" and there is nothing really secret about it. Believe it, take baby steps toward it, and your goal will become a reality. We manifest our own destiny.
My beautiful niece Leah

Pictured to the right is my badass niece who, through sheer willpower, overcame a childhood of economic deprivation to become a successful attorney. (Yes, she practices in Seattle, and yes she consulted on the legal scenes in "Silent Sky," and yes there is a little bit of her in Reina).

There is no time like the present to start down the path toward your dreams. When the fears and doubts arise, shoo them out the door. Begin today to take baby steps toward eating more healthy, getting that education, learning to boldly live on your own , becoming a derby skater - whatever it is that calls to you. It is not always easy to forge forward, but when you do, the universe aligns with you to make your dreams come true.

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