Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeping it cool
I sat in the parking lot outside Starbucks today drinking my extra-hot cappucino and watching a red-tailed hawk soar over an adjacent field. I have a fascination with all birds, but particularly with hawks.

I've watched hawks soaring at great heights over the Blue Ridge Mountains with no apparent purpose other than to enjoy the thermals. . . I've watched a hawk spot prey from 100 feet up and dive bomb without crashing. . . I've seen hawks lift one wing to bank, curl both wings to "brake," flutter gently to hover, and flap powerfully to climb. They are amazing flying machines. Someday, I hope we can control the wings of our private aircraft in a similar fashion.

Today, this fellow was just coasting around the field when a little bird came out and started attacking him. We've all seen little birds hassle the big birds of prey. I know sometimes the little guys are trying to cause a diversion from their nest, but sometimes it does seem they just attack to attack. I have noticed, however, that the big birds never react. They just keep their cool and flap on, ignoring the viscious little sideswipes.

And that is my lesson-to-self for the day. When attacked by viscious or negative energy, don't let it faze you. Just stay the course, head for clear sky, and flap on.

Have a great day!

xo, Cate

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