Monday, December 31, 2012

Big Book Release: SILENT SKY

On the last day of 2012, I would like to congratulate you all on surviving another tumultuous year of bizarre weather and rickety economies, another threatened end of the world (from the Mayans this time), and another election (may have seemed like the end of the world to some of you). I also want to thank you for continuing to read my blog, even though I've been a bit incommunicado lately.

Many of you have asked about the book project on which I've been working, so here is an update:
After completing my first novel three months ago, I sent it out to several agents and publishers for review. I was excited to quickly receive a contract offer from a publishing house. However, after much soul-searching, I have decided to "do it myself." (Those of you who know me are probably not surprised by this announcement).

And so, without further ado, I announce the release of SILENT SKY an action mystery set in Seattle. Reina, the protagonist, is a defense attorney and a pilot whose mother owns a flight school somewhere "north of Seattle." Hmmm . . . of course, any resemblance to people or places you may think you know are entirely coincidental! It is a lively, fun read, for pilots and non-pilots. I am certain you will all enjoy it.

I will have the first printing available at the end of February, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the closure of Out of the Blue Aviation. Devoting my time to writing was one of the primary reasons for moving away from the time-consuming job of owning a flight school. As much as I loved my years at Out of the Blue, I knew it was the right time to sell, so I could begin work on becoming a famous writer! I have already begun on the sequel to SILENT SKY which will be set in Australia, using some of the experiences from my recent stay there.

In order to know how many books to print, I am asking anyone who is interested in a copy to let me know now. If you pre-buy a book or books, I will mail (or maybe even hand-deliver) a signed copy to you! I will be setting up a new website for taking orders as well, but this is your chance to get the first edition signed book at a special price.
May 2013 be full of adventures, blessings, and successes!

Here's how it works:
Send the following information by January 31st

send with $20 to Cate Mighell, 18024 Marine Drive, Stanwood, WA 98292
If you have any questions, you can email me at or call 425.870.6335

I may post some excerpts on the blog over the next month or so, but trust me - you'll like it!

xo, Cate


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  2. Hi Cate, we missed ya! And may your 2103 be absolutely fantastic! Great to hear from you Cate, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!
    I am certainly IN for your book!!!

  3. Cate, good to see you on your blog again. I enjoy the way your book adventure is unwinding. Money for a copy of Silent Sky is on the way.

  4. Thanks guys! I've received a ton of positive responses and am looking forward to your comments after you've read it.

    More soon . . . .



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