Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The twirl
It is kind of nice when you get to the point in life where you no longer really care what anyone else thinks. That place where you just do what you love and enjoy every step along the way. Dancing is that place for me. I remember dancing as a teenager and worrying what I looked like, what other people thought. No longer!

My philosophy: if you don't like the way I dance, stop looking at me!

I recently started Salsa lessons in Western Australia. This is a fabulous, intimate dance that is really not that difficult. To all you men out there - Go do it! As Joan Rivers used to say: Can we talk? The truth is, this dance would be great foreplay (I'm just guessing at this, not stating from personal experience), it is that sensuous. In fact, after my very first full twirl, swirl, swing around the floor with divine dance instructor, Cris from Argentina, I threw my head back and laughed aloud, saying, "I love this dance. It's like sex!"
A little tall for those heels
[Note: I realize this is not a sex blog, but now that 50 Shades is out and all but two of you have at least snuck a peak at it, I think we can speak the word]
My new boyfriend
Anyway, every man who braves the dance floor has several key advantages:
  • First, the ratios: Generally 1 man to 2, 6, or 15 women. Really. You'll be the beau of the ball, in constant demand.
  • Second, the adoration: Who cares if you step on our toes? We're just happy to have a hand to hold that isn't also wearing heels and a skirt.
  • Third, the opportunities: You can figure this one out.
Just get silly. Who cares!
xox, Cate


  1. I couldn't agree with more...VERY well put!!!!
    Cate, you are having way too much fun!!!! LOL! And the three bullets as to the advantages? ..... not "just" dancin'... but Salsa Dancing.... oh hell yeah!!! ;o)
    Keep having a blast... I remain envious...and yes, even jealous.....
    A wish to you for even a more awesome day!

  2. I've received a few messages from people (guys!) who secretly want to do some sort of dance or something else "silly." Please email me with whatever it is you want to do that is "silly" - I am happy to be your private confidant on this :-)

    Maybe I can start a new column, "Dear Cate . . . "

  3. Some people also treat dancing as a way to express themselves and find freedom, just like you! And as a man, another advantage of dancing salsa is that it increases self-confidence. You become more confident to meet new people and make friends, especially when it comes to speaking with women. The beautiful thing about dancing is that you can be yourself and just enjoy the experience, the movements, the moment. I bet you’ve gotten a lot better at it!


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