Monday, October 22, 2012

Latest Adventures in Oz

In the last post, I mentioned that the Glasair Sportsman I 'd recently flown was built at my home airport, Arlington (KAWO) in Washington State.

I met the Glasair owner, Jack, through a chance conversation at the local health food store. Ann, the store owner, and I hit it off and, during a subsequent lunch, we realized we had aviation in common. She introduced me to Jack who kindly offered to take me aloft (see previous post).
Further interesting connections transpired when I learned that Jack had sent his mechanic, or LAME (Australian acronym for licensed aircraft mechanical engineer, it is pronounced "lamie") to do the Two Weeks To Taxi program at Glasair ( When he mentioned the fella's name, Hamish, I recalled meeting him at my FBO at KAWO. During my time owning Out of the Blue Aviation, I met many Glasair owners from various countries, who came in for a friendly cup of coffee, a chart, or a couple hours of flight instruction. Nevertheless, it was a delight and surprise to encounter one of them in this distant country.

We all got together for a social visit last night and Hamish recalled flying with one of my instructors, Marla Patterson, during his stay in Arlington. Marla, I told him, taught me to fly. And so the tight circle of interconnectivity continues. I'm not sure how Kevin Bacon fits in there, but I am sure we are all linked by six degrees of separation. Or less. Again and again in my travels, I find common grounds and shared stories with people. I try to engage virtually every person I meet, whether barista or taxi driver or plumber, in some sort of conversation, then I just sit back and see where it leads . . .
in this grand adventure called LIFE.


  1. Wow...what a Small-Small world we reside in, eh?

  2. I know, right? Some people you meet half way across the world, and some people stand outside your front door, and you never meet. . . .

  3. Yep..... indeed an extreme oddity!! But you gotta love it when it happens!


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