Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Many Pilots does it Take to Replace a Battery?

Yesterday, the purchasers of N734SE had completed their inspections. The paperwork was done and the asking price had been paid. The two pilots went to start the engine for their long trip home to California, but the battery was dead, dead, dead. Wouldn't hold a charge. I started calling around to find a replacement. Paul N was out. I ran over to Abbatare - Jackson searched around - No luck. Craig ran over to Jerry's hangar to see if he could find one. Took a discarded battery back to the Navy hangar to see if it would hold a charge - No Good! I called the purchaser of N1151M and asked them to bring one up from KPLU, but they wouldn't be here for hours. Called Bill J. He said I could go scrounge around Terry B's hangar to see what I could find. I called Mike T. He headed to his hangar to remove the battery from his 172. Brought it over, charged it for a while - No Go! The three pilots from KPLU arrived with the battery - dry with no acid! So I start calling all over for acid. Can't find enough, so Bob heads out to see if he can buy some. Neal K calls back with the news that he has a used G25 battery that might work for us. Ron M and Keith rush it over and watch Klaus put it in.

So, counting the two pilots who unknowingly had their hangars searched, it apparently takes 17 pilots to change a battery.

To all the great people here who always were willing to help me when I needed it, a Huge Thank You!!! It truly does take an airport to raise a flight school.

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