Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be Badass

I had a great time signing books this weekend at the Arlington Fly-In. Books were flying off the table, so to speak, and I am excited that many new readers will meet my heroine, Reina. Several people have told me SILENT SKY should be made into an action flick and I agree. My protaganist is definitely just in the beginning stage of total badass . . . .

And somehow, that has morphed into a new motto for me. Be Badass. What a great way to live. It is just another way of saying, Live life all the way to the edge. Whatever you're doing, whether it be making pie crust, or dressing up to go out to dinner, or buying an extra sandwich to give to the guy with the cardboard sign on the corner, do it with all the mindfulness and attention you have.

And you don't stop until you're done. You keep living life right past the margins, all the way to the edges.

THAT is so badass.

xo, Cate

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