Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm still here . . .

No, I didn't get lost in Oz. (Although part of me wants to do so!)

I have just been very busy seeing the sights and meeting great Ozzies. I spent a couple days in Uluru (that big red Ayers Rock you always see in photos) which was amazing. Also amazing that I had to fly from Sydney to Ayers (smack in the middle of the country), then back to Sydney (east coast) to fly to Perth (west coast). This is a big, big country and I've crisscrossed it a few times now.

Two thumbs up for the airline system here. They serve you food - good food! - and best of all, security is like pre-9/11. No removal of shoes or coats; you can carry liquids through; and a friend can accompany you to the gate. It was like the old days, and I love it. Along that same line, the big-brother-watching that is perpetuated by police officers on every corner in the US is not found in Oz. People tell me they do give tickets, but I've only seen two in all my driving here. And yes, I can drive just as fast from the left side of the road as I can from the right . . . .  Ah, and the speed limits are reasonable - you don't fall into a stupor here from having to drive at near-coma speeds.

My only complaint: limited seating at the airports. I had to stay one night at Perth airport (that's always fun) and it was like a frickin' homeless shelter, with upwards of 40 people scattered around in various stages of discomfort - all over the floor and baggage carousels.

Otherwise, as they say here, All's Good.

xox, Cate (they all call me Cate here)


  1. I am so envious..... !!
    Enjoy "Cate".....

  2. You know, just looking at those folks sleeping on the floor make me tired!


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