Monday, March 1, 2010

Awesome CFIs

Had a CFI meeting today. I figured these top aviators needed their own call signs, decided upon with laughter and general consensus: John-"Top Gun";Ron-"Ace";Mike-"Viper";Marla-"TomCat";Lucas-"Iceman";Casey-"Hollywood";Klaus-"Wolfman";Mike T-"Sundown";Jenny-"Jester" and me? "Whirlwind" Go figure . . . .
Love my job, and my awesome instructors!


  1. Nice, always glad to see people having fun with what they do. I know when I came in to take a discovery flight I really did enjoy the interaction of all the employee's. Perfect place to come and have a cup of joe. So what kinda hours is the coffee bar open??

  2. Open 7 days a week 9 to 5 (10 to 5 on Sunday)-free coffee's always available or delicious lattes and mochas if that's your pleasure. Come back and join us anytime; I've begun to think its a bit like "Cheers" at Out of the Blue - how did the song go? "Where everybody knows your name . . ."


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