Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 141

Last Friday, I had finished up all the paperwork for the Part 141 Inspection this Tuesday and I went to delete an old folder that I'd just emptied. Yep, I inadvertently deleted every single part 141 folder on my laptop AND the network drive. No worries, its in my recycle bin. Nope. Don't ask me, I don't work for Microsoft. Anyway, gone, gone, gone. In desperate, idle hope, I went to the external hard drive that we've had for a year and never used. One of my New Year "resolutions" this January had been to have Jenny do regular backups, but I had no idea if she had followed through on that mandate. Bless her, she had scheduled a monthly backup for the 5th of the month at 1pm. Guess when I deleted the files? Feb 5th at 2 pm. Thank you Jenny! And thank you guardian angels!

Our site inspection went well, hope to be approved by end of month!

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